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In this digital era, cryptocurrencies are paving way for decentralized value exchange. And we, at Quytech, can help you be a part of this billion-dollar revolution by developing a custom crypto exchange application.

Quytech, a leading blockchain development company, enable startups and enterprises to streamline their crypto exchange development journey. Our team of experienced Blockchain developers has been developing cutting-edge solutions to enable fast and secure transactions using virtual currency. Being a pioneer in building complete cryptocurrency exchange applications, Quytech focuses on innovating solutions by implementing the latest technologies. We specialize in creating a custom bitcoin trading platform from scratch as well as upgrading your existing cryptocurrency exchange application as per business requirements.

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Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

bitcoin trading
Bitcoin Trading Platform Assistants

Build your own secure Bitcoin trading platform that enables faster order matching and transaction processing with our experienced developers and programmers. We enable you to offer realhard digital assets that provide financialindependence to users with our tailor-made cryptocurrency exchange development services.

cryptocurrency wallet
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Our veteran blockchain developers can develop cryptocurrency wallets that enable users to earn, manage, and transfer their virtual currency easily, unlike physical currency wallets. We are proficient in building different cryptocurrency wallets, including Web wallets, Desktop wallets, Hardware wallets, and Mobile wallets.

cryptocurrency enabled
Cryptocurrency-enabled Payment Gateway

Embrace a new method of making your assets safer with groundbreaking cryptocurrency-enables payment gateway development services from Quytech. Our solutions help you manage high volume transactions at a very low cost while opening up avenues and giving better dimensions to expand your business.

p2p exchange
P2P Exchange

We help you build a flexible and reliable peer to peer (P2P) crypto exchange platform to enable quicker and cheaper transactions in a decentralized trading environment. With features like multiple cryptocurrencies and multi-language support, it provides the best user experience for every customer from any nook and corner of the world.

benefits of blockchain technology

Why Choose Quytech for Crypto Exchange Solutions?

Quytech is a leading crypto exchange platform development provider with a wealth of experience in implementing blockchain solutions across varied industries. We aim at building cryptocurrency exchange platforms that let you host multiple cryptocurrencies and allows a number of users to trade cryptocurrencies more securely at a faster speed.

  • Our team has experience in working on multiple protocols, including Ethereum, IBM Hyperledger, and Stellar
  • We excel in the implementation of Private, Public, and Permission-based networks
  • Our developers have expertise in setting up permission-based consortium network
  • We help our clients address their business needs with varied DApp development and implementation solutions
  • We have robust proficiency in DApp implementation across different industry verticals like Philanthropy, Anti-counterfeiting in Pharmaceutical industry, and Supply Chain in the Food Industry
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Key Features of Crypto Exchange Platform

Being a leading crypto exchange development company, Quytech helps you build your own desired cryptocurrency exchange platform. With an exceptional experience in leveraging blockchain technology, our pool of talented developers ensures to build of a highly scalable, secure, robust, and feature-rich crypto exchange platform tailored to your business needs.

multi level authentication
Multi-level Authentication
live trade chatbots
Live Trade chatbots
kyc compliance
KYC Compliance
multiple currency pairing
Multiple Currency Pairing
multisignature wallet
Multisignature Wallet
encrypted data transmission
Encrypted Data Transmission
digital receipt

Our Work

  • content protector in blockchain

    Content Protector

    Protecting the IP of the content creator is a huge challenge. Hyperia is solving this teething problem using the power of blockchain.

    • Anyone can use the Hyperia platform to create their custom content and register their IP.
    • Using the built-in market place creator can sell their IP.
    • Transfer of ownership using smart contact (ERC 20).
    • Ethereum is the Underlying Blockchain used in Hyperia
  • artwork crypto collectible project

    Artwork Crypto Collectible Project

    Artwork is a Crypto collectible project developed on Tron blockchain where users can collect the artwork of the other users and reproduce unique artwork.

    • Cryptographic hash is assigned against each Artwork.
    • AI and computer vision techniques are used for image recognition and merging to create a unique piece of art.
    • Enabled with smart contracts the art ownership can be transferred to another person.
    • With blockchain create, collect, upload and purchase new Art pieces.
    • Users can merge uploaded digital art with others uploaded one to create a unique Art.
  • cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency Exchange

    A cryptocurrency exchange lets the customers’ trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies.

    Features of cryptocurrency exchange:

    • Margin Trading API
    • User-Friendly CMS & Advanced UI/UX
    • AML Integration / KYC
    • Multiple Currency Pairing
    • Integrated Wallet
    • 24 Hours Live Trade chatbots
    • 2 Factor Authentication
    • Trading Bot API
    • Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) Integrated and lot more.

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We understand your project perspective to convert your amazing ideas into reality. Usher your business into a futuristic realm with our high-quality development services.